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Vietnam Electronic Industries Association (VEIA) was established in June 2000 by a group of electronic manufacturers to meet the growing demand of industrial activities and promote the cooperation and the development of electronic industry in Vietnam. VEIA is a voluntary, non-profit and non-government nationwide organization. VEIA serves the interests of Vietnam electronic industry by representing domestic companies in working on the challenges and issues it faces. Recognizing the importance of the electronic industry in the national economy, the VEIA aims to help the electronic industry in Vietnam remain on a competitive edge through various local and international activities. VEIA also provides the confidence communications between the industry, its customers and the government.


Recently, VEIA has 115 members, in which 104 regular members and 11 associate members, including companies engage in manufacturing, trading and service in the fields of electronics, information technology and communication. VEIA is an industry organization in Vietnam with activities covering both the electronics and ICT fields. VEIA also endeavors to build up constructive relationship between the local industry and corresponding international organizations. VEIA has closed relation and cooperation with many brother and sister associations in the world. VEIA also is a member of main international organizations in electronics and ICT fields such as ASEAN Electronics Forum (since 2003), Asian Electronics Forum (since 2004) and World Electronics Forum (since 2009), which helps to demonstrate VEIA's role as the perfect bridge between the electronics and ICT industry in Vietnam and the global electronics industry.

  • To promote cooperation among different sectors in the local electronic industry,
  • To provide consultation and services for its member companies,
  • To engage in international negotiations on behalf of the local industry,
  • To create better communications among its member companies and with other industry associations,
  • To provide suggestions to the government on industrial policies.


1.     Government Interaction : 

Establishing and maintaining relationships with various government authorities in the framework of communication and cooperation of interest to the industry such as consultation with the Government in formulating policies affecting the industry and keeping members informed of government policies.


2.     Promoting International Cooperation :

Interacting with overseas industry associations through the arranging and participation in international conferences and related events. Implementing joint activities with foreign organizations to exchange statistics and information, provide technological support; dispatching and receiving trade and industry study missions.


3.     Collecting and Analyzing Information:

Collecting, evaluating and analyzing information and statistics of the industry. Publishing and distributing reports and reference materials on topics such as trends in the world and Vietnam electronic and ICT industry, production forecasts and technological developments. Hosting exhibitions, lectures, seminars and provide training for skills upgrading. 

4.     Promoting Standardization

Contributing and assisting the Government in the standardization of locally manufactured products on accordance with internationally standards. Endorsement of Certificate of Quality and Certificate of Origin (C.O).

5.     Supporting Technological Development

Supporting research and development related to both electronic and ICT fields and promoting new products using advanced technologies.

6.     Trade Promotion

Organizing visits from foreign trade and investment delegation and expansion of export of electronic and ICT products.

7.     Membership Cooperation

Providing a matchmaking place for its members to meet, discuss and exchange views of common interest, to disseminate relevant information to members and to foster fair and healthy competition among its members in an atmosphere of friedly association and mutual understanding.


§  General Assembly

All members of the Association are represented at this assembly to discuss and decide policies and important issues related to VEIA’s activities. General Assembly meeting is usually held once for four years.

§   Executive Board

The  Executive Board is elected by the General Assembly, and serve for four years term. The Chairman, Vice Chairmen and Secretary General  are selected through an election among members of Executive Board. The  Executive Board is decision-making body responsible for practical operation of VEIA.

§  Functional  Committees

In order to handle both internal and external issues in the industry related fields, functional committees have been organized under the Executive Board. The committees provide advices and suggestions as requested from the Executive Board and carries out the duties such as planning and organizing execution of the activities of the Association. Members may participate in the Committees by their voluntary choice.

§  Secretariat

Secretariat  to assist  Executive  Board and attend to the duties of the Association.


-          General Secretary: Mr. Nguyen Phuoc Hai



Those enterprises who have business activities in the electronic and ICT fields inside Vietnam territory can join VEIA, regardless of their nationalities. The qualification of membership as follows :

§  Regular members

Manufacturers and sales-service enterprises in the  electronic and ICT fields registered in Vietnam and pay regular membership fee are eligible to send a representative to the Association with full voting rights.

§  Associate members

Theses enterprises having foreign capital more than 51% will enjoy associate memberships.




Head Office

11B Phan Huy Chu, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi, Vietnam

Tel.                   : (84-4) 3933 2845

Fax                   : (84-4) 3933 2846

E-mail   :       

Website            :


Branch Office in the South of Vietnam

197 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, District I, Ho Chi Minh City

Tel.                   : (84-8) 39252327

Fax                   : (84-8) 39252328

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