Thứ hai, 10/12/2018
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Invitation to VME Forum 2018,  (20/06/2018)

Topic: “Dialogue Between the Supporting Industry Manufacturers”

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The Collaboration to enhance localization, fortify supporting industry, grasp ITA  (18/06/2017)

Hanoi, 15 June 2017 – the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) in Hanoi, and Reed Tradex Ltd, Co., today proudly hosted a press conference to announce the cooperation between both parties with the truly great support from government by the Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency (VIETRADE) and from a strong local association - the Vietnam Electronic Industries Association (VEIA), to launch “The 7th Vietnam - Japan Supporting Industries Exhibition”, co-located with “Industrial Components & Subcontracting Vietnam 2017” and “NEPCON Vietnam 2017”. All the parties have a mutual mission to offer the business opportunities and increase the localization index for the electronic industry and supporting industry in Vietnam and furthermore to grasp Information Technology Agreement (ITA) by WTO.

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